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Guide to Feminising Your Sissy

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There are a three things I consider a must, when you sissify your partner. This applies to all sissies, no matter, if they have no other purpose than to do the housework, or if she will be your lesbian lover. Already with this basic training you will have a worthy sissy. It consists of these three aspects:

  • Chastity
  • Corset
  • Lingerie

All of these training issues have one big advantage. They can be hidden. No outsider will notice anything under your sissy's regular everyday clothing. Therefore, these things will be worn more or less permanently. Even when going to work, there is no need to do without, and the training can be conducted without interruption.

Chastity Training

When you begin the training of your male to be sissified, make sure you take control over her sex life as quickly as possible. A chastity device

The CB6000 perhaps is the most popular chastity device.
  must be ordered. Since steel chastity belts are made to measure, they have long delivery times. Therefore, it is best to start with a standard chastity device. They are always on stock. Every individual is different, and so there is no general recommendation, what your sissy shall wear. Anyway, I'd try the CB6000 first. It is the most popular device at a reasonable price. Once your sissy is locked, you can gain experience and try other options.

The reason, why your sissy must be kept in chastity is obvious. It must be prevented by all means that she handles herself. Males in general have no discipline, and sissies in particular are even worse. Being feminised turns them on! Especially the fine panties covering and tenderly caressing their sissy clit would permanently stimulate the genitals. But also the other undergarments and the treatment add up to it. Whenever she would be out of your supervision, she would look for a toilet or some other unobserved place, and relieve herself; several times every day. No, no, and no! Not only is that disgusting, it also misbecomes a sissy. She wants to be a woman, and therefore must act like a woman. That means no erection and definitely no tight grabbing and rubbing that result in ejaculation. The only way to force her to behave, is to lock her away in chastity. Apart from that, it is much fun to have her sissy clitty trying to get an erection, which the tube pointing down inhibits effectively. Even though it could grow much more, it is restricted to the rather small cage, and just fills it up, what gives her additional excitement.

Needless to say that the sissy will be locked in chastity 7 x 24. The device will be removed only for cleaning once a week, maybe only once per fortnight. You will find out for yourself, what is best for your trainee. Just make sure, she has no chance to touch herself, when it is washed. Of course, when the keyholder grants an orgasm to the sissy, the chastity device will be taken off for a few minutes, and afterwards put on again immediately.

  This steel chastity belt has especially been designed for sissies. It has a front shield like the female chastity belts, which covers the tube and at the same time gives the perfect feminine silhouette in the genital area. In addition, it is a hip model. This means, the belt does not lock around the waist, so it can be worn together with a corset. It is important that the corset can be laced and removed, since the chastity belt will remain on day and night, even when taking a shower.

There is even more to it. As already written on the introduction page "Controlled Chastity" to this web site, male chastity has some remarkable side effects. These are very much in favour of the trainer, especially that the chastity trainee becomes more attentive to her keyholder. This is the reason, why also non-dominant women should grab the chance and lock up their partner, when they come to know those cross-dressing tendencies. To read more about this subject, click the according link "Home" at the bottom of this page!

Make sure this effect of attentiveness can be maintained for the rest of her sissy life! This though, needs some attention and action from your part. Experience shows, that the state of horniness builds up for about three weeks, until it reaches its maximum, and then slowly wears off. It is definitely not true that temporary orgasm denial will lead to a much more intense orgasm, after it exceeds the mentioned peak. This might be true for the first few weeks, but not later. If a male is kept chaste for maybe one full year without any counteraction, he will lose the ability to be stimulated at all, which includes no more erection possible. This is also something we do not want. Our sissy should be full of desire all of the time and worship her mistress.

It is up to the agreement the keyholder and the sissy have, how to solve this problem. Most popular is that the mistress grants her trainee an orgasm by masturbation, when she believes it is adequate. Others like to have sexual intercourse with their sissy from time to time. My own sissy will get a prostate milking, since I neither want her to wank nor to penetrate anybody. This is done when securely locked, because I don't want her to have an erection either. Unlike a real orgasm, where you afterwards start again from zero in building up her desire and submissiveness, the prostate massage makes it dip just a bit. That way, you will permanently keep her in a quite high state of arousal. I let her have this type of relief all three to four weeks.

Anyway, it is crucial for the health of your sissy to regularly empty her prostate, where the semen builds up. As mentioned, this can be done through orgasm or prostate milking. The sperms, which remain in the sack without ejaculation, can be ignored. The testicle occasionally will excrete them separately without any further body fluid.

Corset Training

Nothing shapes the body better than a corset. A sissy must have a feminine figure, and the best way to achieve this, is tight lacing. Forget about exercise in a gym, and forget about a diet! That might fight the worst overweight, but it will not do more. And be honest, you really don't want your sissy visiting a fitness studio, eying all the girls in their tight outfits, and at the same time building up muscles, don't you? In addition, the corset will control the eating habits of your trainee. She will automatically eat less due to the forced waist reduction.

This sissy is securely locked in a steel chastity belt and tightly laced in a Victorian corset. What a lovely figure!

For best results, corseting is a more or less permanent thing. It should only be removed for the daily shower in the morning, and perhaps a brief break of a few minutes (not more than 20), when preparing for bed. Of course, the corset is worn all night.

Since we are talking about a sissy, and not just an ordinary man, who wants to improve his figure, it is best to order a corset designed for women. Men's corsets are no good, because they just flatten the tummy, but do not really pull in the waist at the sides. We want our little sissy to have a feminine curve.

For further information about serious corset training, do also consult the according pages from our sister site "Beauty Discipline". Even though the training there is written for women, it definitely also applies to sissies, or any men, who want to improve their figure.
Visit the Guide for an Efficient Corset Training.

Lingerie Training

Unlike the corset and the chastity belt, which must be ordered, the underwear of your sissy can be replaced at once. The first thing to do is to collect all of her male underpants and singlets, and put them somewhere out of reach. She needs female panties and girdles, also some chemises. It will be great fun to go shopping together. Do help her! Or for the start, you can get these items on your own and surprise her. Just imagine her face, when she discovers all of her male undies are gone and there is only lovely lingerie for her to wear. Perhaps she can use some of your undergarments until she has her own. Anyway, from now on, she will only be allowed to wear nice women's underwear. This can even include an A-cup size bra.

Girdles are also nice, especially when they have garters. Just be aware that tight panty girdles are not very convenient, when your trainee wears a chastity device like the CB6000. The ring around her testicle will press against her bones and cause pain. The choice of panties depends much upon the type of chastity device. A steel belt offers more flexibility here.

Sexy lingerie also suits a sissy well. My little plaything always wears either an open bottom girdle with straps, a wide suspender belt, or uses garters attached to her corset. Her stockings have seams. This can perfectly be hidden under her clothes, when she goes to work. For me, not the panty is the centre of sissyfication, it is the garters. And sometimes, when I dress my doll like a slut, she wears no panties at all. In that case, her sissy clit has to be locked away in a transvestite type steel chastity belt. Other chastity devices would just show in an unwomanly manner.


Having her wear garters also increases the awareness of her state. The plastic knobs in the clasps holding the nylons can be detected under the trousers, when a rather thin cloth tightens over them. She will always see to it, that no one will discover these suspicious bumps and other outlines, which can be identified as what they are. Since she nearly constantly concentrates on avoiding detection of her little secret, this of course also makes her keep her mistress in mind. What a wonderful thought!

Bottom Line

You might ask, are these things really necessary? Does my sissy really need a chastity belt and a corset? Isn't it enough to train my husband to be obedient? You can always discuss the measures. Every trainer and every trainee have own preferences. Just keep in mind, we are talking about sissyfication and not about slave training. And a sissy is not necessarily submissive, even though most of them are. Of course, you can feminise a male without locking her sissy clit in a chastity tube. But don't forget, this is a chastity web site in the first place. And when it comes to the corset, shall your trainee look like an attractive woman, or just like a man being forced to wear women's clothes, without any concept? That is the difference to a sissy! I am sure, you got the idea.

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