Controlled Chastity 


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Chastity belts and other chastity devices are no longer something, which is used only in the deepest S/M scene. Not only femdoms and masters have their sex slaves safely locked to demonstrate their power. In the meantime, this has become a regular sex toy, which is used among partners for their intimate play. Having the woman or the man locked up for a few hours to several days increases the desire for sex. The chastity belt itself gives an extra stimulation by restricting the penis or softly pressing on the vagina. With no chance to cum to orgasm short term, even builds up more pleasurable sensation.

Other men and women use the chastity belt to ensure the fidelity of their partner. It somehow has become fashionable for wives to lock up their husbands, and other women their boyfriends; not only, because they fear them being unfaithful. They also feel cheated, when a more active sexual urge of the male leads to masturbation.

Most interesting is a side effect, which enforced chastity has on men. They somehow tend to become more attentive to their key holder. The subconscious is programmed in that way. It believes that this is the best way to reach sexual action with the adored person. Sexual fantasies are replaced by trying to please the potential sex partner as much as possible. In addition, a chaste man is willing to give the woman an unlimited licking, something that only few men do voluntarily without anything in return.

Female securely locked in a chastity belt! A mistress and her assistant lock the male into chastity.

The increasing popularity, especially of male chastity, is primarily due to the mentioned side effects. Many women have become addicted to it, and keep their men locked up practically 7x24 (7 days at 24 hours). Orgasms are only rarely granted, if at all, and sometimes are entirely replaced by milking (= manually pressing the cum out of the prostate, that it slowly flows out without ejaculation and often without erection). Other women are looking for these benefits in the first place and only consider partners, who agree to be locked by them.

So much the theory! In this site I have prepared a few topics, and it is the idea, that over time, more will follow. Chastity especially is interesting, when it is combined with other fetishes or rather various submissive roles. I am talking about feminization (sometimes called sissyfication) and babyfication (= age regression, where an adult is treated as or trained to be a baby, a so called adult baby or "AB").

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